GCSE Options

At Royal Russell we offer a broad range of subjects at GCSE, to be taken in Year 11 or, in some cases, Year 9 or 10.

Choosing subjects to take to GCSE can be a thought-provoking and sometimes difficult process. We offer our students encouragement and guidance to make the right personal choices. We have a well-developed and sophisticated Careers Department and the subject of Careers is firmly embedded in the School’s curriculum.

Our Head of Careers will be pleased to advise you regarding the career opportunities associated with your choice of GCSE subject.

When you are choosing your GCSE options, you should consider:

  • The subjects you enjoy most
  • The subjects you are best at
  • The subjects you need to have studied for a particular career.

Before you finalise your decisions:

  • Attend our GCSE awareness evening with your parents
  • Talk to your parents and House Tutor about your choices
  • Talk to your subject teachers about your choice.

English (both Language and Literature), Mathematics, Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) are compulsory GCSE courses. You will also follow courses in Personal, Social and Health Education, Careers and Physical Education/Games


Pupils must first choose at least one of French, Spanish or English as a Foreign Language. Pupils who have received Support for Learning in the past should discuss this option with their Tutor, Language Teachers and Learning Support Staff. German is available only to those who have previously studied it for at least one year. 

English as a Foreign Language is for those whose first language is NOT English.


You may then choose your remaining three subjects from the list below:

Art and Design  Food Technology        Music 
Business Studies French  Religious Studies - Philosophy and Ethics 
Computing Geography Physical Education
Design and Technology        German Spanish 
Drama History Support for Learning 

In order to have a balanced programme of study, we recommend the choice of a Humanities subject and a creative subject although neither is compulsory. Those wishing to study two Modern Foreign Languages select the other language from the list of subjects under other options.

Therefore, pupils have the opportunity to study ten subjects at GCSE level.