Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at Royal Russell is a vibrant community with a full curriculum and an extensive range of opportunities to enrich our students.

A wide range of A level courses is offered, along with a BTEC in Sport. Students joining the Sixth Form usually study four AS level subjects in the Lower Sixth year reducing these to three (or four) subjects which are continued to A level in the Upper Sixth.

Students have greater responsibility for organising their time, make individual choices and enjoy a wide range of privileges. We encourage our students to set clear goals, work hard and take full advantage of the many co-curricular opportunities available.

Bespoke Careers advice encourages students to aim higher and choose a rewarding career. The Head of Sixth Form, individual tutors and subject teachers play an important role in providing appropriate advice and guidance in supporting each student’s academic and personal progress.

The Sixth Form Library and Study Centre provide the focus for academic life and the Sixth Form Café provides a space for relaxation during breaks and lunch.

Sixth Formers enjoy exclusive events and trips such as formal dinners, concerts and the Summer Ball.  

There are many opportunities for new experiences and the development of skills. Sixth Form students attend seminars and tutorials, covering issues such as effective study skills, examination technique, presentation and preparing for interviews.

Our varied Assembly Programme features guest speakers who inform and inspire our students across diverse range of careers. Recent speakers have included Professor A C Grayling.

The Sixth Form is at the core of the School, playing a key role in all aspects of daily life. Whether as a prefect, a team captain, a mentor of junior pupils, the School helps Sixth Form students develop their leadership qualities. 

Royal Russell students achieve excellent A level results and accept offers at their first choice of university.

Sixth Form students do not wear school uniform and are responsible for choosing their own ‘business dress' clothing.

A Level Subjects

Choosing the right subjects to study at A level can be one of the most important decisions you make. 

At Royal Russell, we provide a wide range of subjects at A level, along with BTEC Sport for those students planning a career in this field. 

Our study programmes are complemented by a host of co-curricular opportunities as well as educational trips, guest lecturers, study and interview skills training and expert Careers advice. Students also have a weekly Careers lesson and a Games afternoon.

Most students choose four subjects to study at AS level, with the option to reduce this to three at A2 level.

When choosing which subjects to study you should:

  • Speak to the Head of Sixth Form and Careers
  • Speak to your House Tutor and subject teachers
  • Speak to current Sixth Formers who are studying the subjects you are considering
  • Consider what subjects you enjoy and find stimulating and rewarding
  • Consider what you are good at and where your strengths and skills lie
  • If you know what you want to study at university, be clear of the subjects and grades that are essential entry requirements

It is important that you feel confident about your choices and are committed to the hard work and effort that is required to achieve your goals. 

Joining our Sixth Form

Our offer of places into Year 12 is conditional upon a candidate achieving a minimum of 12 points (see below)* from 6 GCSE passes at A* - C, including English and Maths, but excluding other native languages, along with good school reports. It is expected that pupils will have achieved a grade B or above at GCSE in subjects to be studied at AS level. Grade A in Mathematics is required for the study of A levels Mathematics and Economics and it is also recommended that pupils have A grades at GCSE in the Science subjects they wish to study at A level. Grade B in GCSE English Language is required where students have not previously studied Media Studies, Business, Economics or Government and Politics. Most students in Year 12 are expected to study one subject from each of the four option blocks. At least three of these subjects will then be studied further in Year 13.       

If English is not the first language and no qualification has been gained in English Language, English must be studied as a foreign language (EFL). Those students hoping to study for two Maths A levels must select Maths and Further Maths in their options. Students may choose either Economics or Business, but not both.     

             *Points system: A* = 4 points, A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point


Sixth Form scholarships are available for students entering Year 12 and are awarded based on the number of A and A* grades achieved at GCSE.

The award of a scholarship confers a status upon the holder and it is reflected in their reference when they apply for university and higher education. Scholarship holders are seen as an example to other students and are, therefore, expected to demonstrate high standards of work and behaviour in order to maintain their scholarship place. Scholarships are also subject to all normal terms and conditions in relation to the payment of fees.